KSH: 190,000 Hungarian citizens have resided abroad for more than 10 years

June 22, 2015


According to a study prepared by Hungary’s central statistical authority (KSH), 190,000 Hungarian citizens born in Hungary have lived abroad for the past ten years, of which 152,000 work in their country of residence.  Of those, 110,500 worked for more than six months.  At the time of the survey some 46,000 (40 percent) were employed abroad.

Three-quarters of those employed abroad are males between the age of 25 and 45.  The average age in the case of women was lower than of men, “because having and raising children is less compatible from working abroad” writes KSH.

A lower percentage of Hungarians working abroad work in the service industry than at home.  Of the men engaged in physical work, over half work in industry or construction.