KSH: Working-age Hungarians leaving in droves

April 9, 2015


Last year more than 31,500 Hungarian citizens left the country for at least one year, which is almost one and a half times more than the year before and six and half times more than the number who left in 2009, writes Hungarian newspaper Világgazdaság citing data provided by the Central Statistical Office (KSH).

KSH data shows that 21,580 Hungarians left the country in 2013. The number who left in 2014 grew by 46 percent to 31,500.

These numbers are really conservative

Even KSH analysts admit their numbers are underestimated because the data sources they work with haven’t been reported in a timely manner. The numbers are also seriously underestimated because immigration data provided by recipient countries show much higher numbers of Hungarians emigrés residing in those countries.

KSH analysts have determined that it is primarily young Hungarians who are leaving: 44 percent are under the age of 30 and 77 percent are under 40. Fifty-four percent of those who emigrated are male, of which two-thirds are single. The most popular destinations are Germany, the United Kingdom and Austria.

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