Lajos Bokros: How long will we allow this idiocy and madness?

September 19, 2017

Lajos Bokros: How long will we allow this idiocy and madness?
Photo: MTI/Zoltán Máthé

Translation of Movement for a Modern Hungary (MoMA) chairman Lajos Bokros’s blogpost entitled “When the great leader gets his house number wrong” published by MoMA on September 18, 2018.

When the great leader mixes up his house number, then we hear such pointless speeches as we did from Viktor Orbán today in the National Assembly. Normal people disregard such things. The problem is that we are talking about the head of the country’s government.

He says untruthful things? We’re used to that. Contradiction-ridden hodgepodge?  We’re used to that. Poisons the people’s soul with his false words?  We’re used to that.

Soros plan? It does not exist. 60 million migrants from Africa? Complete idiocy.  Countries and governments that are trying to dilute Christian Europe? There is not a single one.

I’m shaking from the idiocy and madness. The great leader’s mindless impulsiveness torments the entire country.  How long will we allow this?

We can talk about how everything is awash in corruption. We can mention that public health has dangerously deteriorated.  It would be important to state that it is not primarily for the hope of better wages that our young people are leaving, but rather because they simply do not want their children to fall victim to the thinking-rejecting, ignorance-rewarding, low-grade public education system.

We should take note that the Hungarian economy would collapse the second the EU stopped giving us an annual gift of 5, 6, or 7 percent of our national income.  We should take note that the Hungarian budget would not be sustainable for one minute without the money of European taxpayers. We should contemplate what will happen if EU supports decrease to say one half.  Let us acknowledge that there is precious little investment in production in our country. The government says the domestic rate of investment is 17 per cent.  This does not even replace the physical amortization of fixed assets. This means capital destruction and wealth depletion is taking place.  In other words, we are squandering the future.

The great leader does not say a single word about any of this and many other important things.  Did he forget? Does he not know? Is he not willing to acknowledge the facts?

The blunt youth of our downgraded people sing praises glorifying the leader to Russian songs.  Culture has ground to a halt, and the 1950s have returned.

Hey, great leader. Don’t fear Christianity. You are already the greatest enemy of that with your stupidity, your evilness, and your lies.

Hey, great leader. Don’t fear the people. You are their greatest destroyer – with the all-around hate of neighboring peoples, treading into the mud the interests of Hungarians living outside our borders.

But not for long,

Lajos Bokros, Chairman, Modern Hungary Movement