Lajos Bokros: Populist parties are competing to destroy Hungary!

August 19, 2015

Bokros Lajos, inrejú, 2014.03.05.

Translation of Movement for a Modern Hungary chairman, former finance minister Lajos Bokros’ Facebook post of 18 August, 2015.

“When Fidesz introduced that women could retire after forty years of employment (social security payments?), one immediately expected that someone would add another shovel and demand the same for men.  Is equality in the eyes of the law, or what?

The Hungarian Socialist Party, which contributed to the financial collapse of our country in 2008 with the introduction of the 13th month pension payment in 2002, remained true to itself.  Next to the neo-Communist Fidesz, the post-Communist MSZP quickly caught up.  Populist parties are competing to destroy the country.  This, by the way, results from their nature.

There isn’t even any point to raising the question.  What is a “total pension”?  In comparison to others everyone is entitled to proportionally the same amount of pension to the social security payments.  If someone only worked for 39 years, then they should be less than if someone worked for 40 years.  Why should we be happy of someone worked for 50 years.  Fix retirement ages and so-called “full” pensions have no meaning whatsoever in a modern, capitalist market economy!

So long as neo-communism and post-communism are competing with one another to destroy the country, there will be no catching up with Europe.  Once it will be necessary to choose a modern, rational, expert, responsible and honest alternative.”