Lajos Bokros: You are trampling underfoot our nation’s interests and its freedom.

March 31, 2017

Translation of op-ed piece written by CEU professor and Movement for a Modern Hungary chairman Lajos Bokros appearing in the online version of Magyar Narancs under the title “Lajos Bokros kicks Orbán and company with both feet” (“Bokros Lajos páros lábbal szállt bele Orbánékba“).

You are mistaken if you think the world famous Central European University  is a little sprained ankle in the graveyard of Hungarian higher education.  You should know because the whole world knows, that CEU is a shining star with teachers and students from over 100 countries.  CEU is our homeland’s best university. 

I know that, seen from your lowly perspective, you are terrified of everything that is a window on the world, and which injects fresh air into your shabby, dusty world of outdated thinking and inhuman behavior.  I know you want to close the pearl of Hungarian higher education to conceal the fact that you destroyed academic freedom at home and how your corrupt government tries to raise loyal and pliable underlings.  You are trampling underfoot our nation’s interests and its freedom.  We won’t let you.

The public opinion of the advanced world is with us, even the US government you so celebrate.  If you think that President Trump will pet your stupid heads, let me tell you, you’re in for a big disappointment.  America is the bastion of freedom, rule of law, and open society.  Naturally, it will support us – as we have already seen in the announcement from the embassy.  

We know that you like culture wars.   We stand before it,  You are the drooling minions of nationalist, populism, darkness and barbarity, and the Russian bear.  You are trampling underfoot the dignity of Hungarian society, and are continuously insulting our nation with your wanton desires.

We are the believers in open society.  You of a closed society.  You are illiberal non democrats, we are the committed believers of freedom based democracy.   You represent evil power and insult the Christian religion.  We celebrate ethnic diversity and the positive mutual effect on one another of peer culture.  You want a homogenous ethnic group and a one-dimensional culture.  We support national minorities.  You have already betrayed the Hungarians living abroad as well.

We will win.

Lajos Bokros