Lajos Simicska declares war on Viktor Orban: “It’s either him or me!”

February 6, 2015


Hír24 interview with MAHIR media mogul Lajos Simicska

Hello, I am József Nagy speaking from Hír24. Is Lajos Simicska there?

It’s me in person. What would you like to know?

Mr President. Aren’t you afraid, that with today’s decisions (of sacking all of your employees) you will destroy Fidesz?

Sorry, I don’t understand, what decision of today are you talking about?  I have just been informed less than an hour ago that the whole management at my media outlets have resigned, and I am about to go over and replace all of the employees. What do you have in mind? What kind of decision should I make? What should I do?

In the past hour you made some really strong statements about your fomer employees…

Strong statements? I was especially soft until now. I could make much stronger statements. I was especially restrained so far in my statements. You can even publish this.

This is what I have in mind.

Are you recording this or just taking notes?

I’m recording it, of course

Then just publish that I was especially tender so far, I could have said much worse things.

Zsolt Bayer wrote that “what you are doing now, Lajos, is a shame.”

Did he say that? Where?

I read it in today’s Magyar Hírlap.

Really? I have not read Magyar Hírlap. This is what he wrote?

I will read the whole paragraph to you, then.

Go on.

“You know dear Lajos as well as I do, that there would be no Fidesz today, had it not been for you. Even since 1994. But what you are doing now is a shame.”

This is what he said?


Well, then allow me to retort with a sentence: please recall, Zsolt, exactly how much money you owe me, as it would be high time to pay it off.

How much money does Zsolt Bayer owe you?

I cannot recall by heart. Many, many millions. It would be good if he could repay me now.

Are there many in the Fidesz who are indebted to you?

Do not want to know too much. But after that little f*cker made such a statement about me, yes, you can even publish f*cker, by all means, f*cker is the epitheton ornans of this rat, so you are welcome to publish that after he made such a statement about me.

Who do you think is backstabbing you right now?

Viktor Orbán. Is that enough for you?

You just called Zsolt Bayer a f*cker. What would you call Viktor Orbán then?

Another f*cker.

Orbán as well?

Viktor Orbán is a f*cker. He is. You can publish this.

What would be the end of this war, Mr. President?

Well I don’t know. Either him or me will fall.


How should I know?

There are two in the battlefield.

Well, this is what war is like. It’s either him or me. Who the f*ck knows in advance. Somebody will die in the end, no?

Can you be this casual?


What does that mean exactly? Leaving the country, giving up interests? Or you mean this physically?

Physically, of course. I have meant these things physically.

So can you end up dead at the end of this conflict?

Of course, naturally and with ease. But this will be the only thing that can stop me.

But how?

How should I know? They kill me, shoot me or I fall under a car.

You’re not being serious now…

Yes, yes, yes I am.

Can such a thing happen in Hungary, a political murder? Are you saying this?

Well, of course it can happen.

Somebody can just shoot Simicska, like that?

Yes, yes, yes. I can be killed as well. Well, publish this, by all means, goodbye but I have to go as right now, I do not have an editor-in-chief…. I have to appoint a lot of people just now.

Will you appear on television tonight?

God, no! But believe me, I have to go, the car is waiting, and a lot of people, I have to appoint a lot of people, as the Nemzet, HírTV and everybody else should be operational by tomorrow. You know? And I have a lot of things to handle. Please forgive me. And yes, you can publish: all of them are f*ckers, everyone can be sacked, political murder, er… just publish all this. I’m sending my regards. Good-bye.