Lajos Simicska: “Orban is a f*cker”

February 6, 2015


Hungarian oligarch and longtime Orban supporter Lajos Simicska has split with Fidesz chairman and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Simicska, whose media empire (television, radio and print) has for years represented the largest privately owned pro-Fidesz camp in Hungarian media, gave a telephone interview to Hungarian news website after hearing that numerous editors and executives had quit his companies.

Have you heard about what happened at Magyar Nemzet?

Of course I’ve heard about it. I’m on my way to the editorial offices now and I will f*cking fire everyone.

That won’t be necessary because they’ve all quit.

I know but I don’t care. I’ll say it again, I will fucking fire everyone. They put me in a sh*tty situation. I read their press release at the same time you read it. No one said anything about this to me.

Who will work at the paper if you fire everyone?

Believe me, I’ve been in similar situations in the past and I was always able to find a solution. I will fire every Orbanist and then I will put my people in their place, people who can’t be intimidated and who can’t be bought off. I’ll say it again, my people will take over.

Why do you think the paper’s editors quit?

I said it earlier, I am very aware of what is happening here. Orban is a f*cker.

You think Viktor Orban is the one responsible for the paper’s editorial staff quitting?

What else do you think could have caused this to happen? Listen, you can even write this down, Orban is a f*cker.

Have you talked to the Prime Minister about what’s happening?

Of course not. We haven’t spoken since last April. I sh*t on what he thinks. Again, I’m on my way into the paper’s office and I’m going to replace everyone with my people. The paper will continue to be published. Goodbye.