László Kálmán: Enough insanity, centralization and state mania!

January 4, 2015

Full text of speech delivered by László Kálmán at the “NowUs!” protest held on January 2, 2014 in front of the Hungarian National Opera.

“The pundits are claiming in the press that the opposition outside of parliament has no future.  Of course, not one, but many different thoughts are swirling around the people and the groups.  But why is that a problem?  Were the parties sitting in the parliament able to agree on anything between 2010 and 2014?  Perhaps they know it all?  Let us be happy for the European-minded, free citizens who are thinking about the future path!

I think it is clear what those want who have had enough of the insanity, the centralization and the state mania, the institutionalization of corruption, the annihilation of the poor and the bigoted party order.  (We want) the opposite: decentralization, a decrease in state overregulation, transparency in the operation of the state, the end of poverty, in short: freedom.

We agree with civil society in the most important things:  we want to be free and Europeans which the current system permits less and less.  Let’s be happy for those European minded, free citizens, who have had enough of this!

Everyone sees how crazy the nationalization of a large part of the press is, as well as the nationalization of the public schools under KLIK, and the nationalization of the hospitals and so on.  Anyone who opposes this consistently does not see the solution in restoring the previous media law, or returning the schools and hospitals to the mayors, so that they can name the directors, and the operation of the hospitals be their “business.”

I would like, for example, if independent news agencies or association or foundation schools were not the exception, but rather if the general situation was that self-organized groups of citizens operated the schools.  Nor is it necessary to think in terms of centralization with regard to our health.  It would not be a problem if many actors competed for us on the health care market.

They accuse us of equating Fidesz with the previous governments by washing together the successive governments of the past 25 years.  This is simply not true.  The governments before 2010 did not know and perhaps did not even want to abuse the power that fell into their laps like the current system.  But none of the successive governments wanted, or were capable of, fixing the serious systemic mistakes, the media law, the law on public procurement, party finances, or public health care.

For this reason we do not ask for the restoration of the pre-2010 system.  Fides only took to an extreme what was previously possible, even if other governments did not avail themselves of the opportunity.    We want that it not be possible to divert taxpayers’ money, and that the state not be able to held the press in check, or anyone else.

When they are missing greater youth participation, I hope they are not thinking in terms of the state doing a favor for the citizens by entrusting one or two matters to us, or by asking our opinion.  Precisely the opposite.  It should exclusively handle those matters that we citizens entrust to it.  And in such a manner that the community of free citizens serves the country’s future.

Let there be a Republic!  Let us be happy for the European-minded, free citizens!  Let there be sufficient numbers of us!