Leaders of Hungary’s Roma community protest ethnic cleansing in Miskolc to EC

March 14, 2015

MiskolcThe following PETITION was published on March 13th, 2015 by Hungarian Americans for Democracy:

Raise your voice against ethnic cleansing in Miskolc, Hungary!

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To The Institutions of the European Union

Esteemed European Commission!

Esteemed European Parliament!

We raise our voices against the expulsion from their homes of the Roma of the city of Miskolc, and against ethnic cleansing in Miskolc!

The Roma of Miskolc had to leave their home so that another expensive and unneeded sport stadium could be built there. This development is supported by millions of Euros by the EU, so the EU cannot ignore that its implementation includes ethnic cleansing.

Therefore, we request the European Union initiate an official investigation into the case of institutionalized exclusion of the Roma of Miskolc, to act against the expulsion from their homes of the Roma of Miskolc, and to take immediate steps to avoid mass homelessness and to stop the imminent humanitarian catastrophe!

We expect from the European institutions not to finance with even one cent our isolation, exclusion from housing, from employment, from the basic right of forming a business!

Hungary is our homeland, but Europe is our home. Hungary treats us as a bad step-parent, thus we are looking for Europe’s help!

And if a country that introduced tyranny and institutionalized racism can belong to Europe, to the European Union, then Europe should protect those who are persecuted!

Europe and its democratic countries should recognize as political refugees those individuals and families from Miskolc who were exposed to exclusion and persecution based on racial-social justification, and were subjected to ethnic cleansing. Europe and its democratic countries should review their contradictory relationship to the Geneva Convention and should take strong steps to ensure that everything in that Convention is applied to the European Roma, who are now deprived of their rights!

Budapest, March 13, 2015.

Gábor Váradi, Aladár Horváth, Béla Rácz