Lex CEU human chain protest turns into confrontation on steps of Parlament

April 4, 2017

Thousands assembled outside Central European University’s campus in downtown Budapest Tuesday afternoon to protest the National Assembly’s decision to adopt Lex CEU. The protesters formed a human chain around the block, from the corner of Arany János St and Október 6 St to the corner of Nádor St and Zrinyi St.

The protest was organized by the same group responsible for Sunday’s march. Protesters held up signs reading “VETO”, calling on recently re-elected President János Áder to veto the bill. The human chain reached all the way around the block and was many people deep. At Nádor St, the crowd was so dense it took several minutes to pass from one end of the street to the other.

The protest then moved from CEU’s campus to Kossuth Square, where it continued on the steps of Parliament.

Photo: 444.hu
Photo: 444.hu

According to 444.hu, the protesters read aloud the name of each MP who voted in favor of adopting Lex CEU. Each name drew jeers from the protesters.

Dozens of police formed a human wall on the stairs. Based on Index.hu’s livestream of the protest, it appeared several protesters were pulled aside by the police. A reader at the protest informed us that more police arrived, and protesters were chanting, “Europe!”