LMP: Gov’t violated public procurement law with xenophobic billboard campaign

June 29, 2015


Opposition party Politics Can Be Different (LMP) says the Hungarian government’s billboard campaign was carried out in violation of the country’s public procurement law.

LMP presidium member Ákos Hadházy announced at a press conference Sunday that the party would explore legal options to address what it considers to be the violation.

Hadházy says the law would have required the government to announce a call for tenders for the HUF 300 million project. He also says that the neighbor of Fidesz MP Antal Rogán was awarded the tender.

Hadházy says some cases are so open and shut that even Hungary’s prosecutors cannot refuse to investigate them. The former Fidesz MP says the government’s argument that the billboards were urgently needed does not suffice because the government certainly had enough time to plan the billboard campaign.