LMP: There might be many more facilities like Topház

July 10, 2017

There are 91 facilities housing physically and mentally disabled and psychiatric patients in Hungary that are suspected of the same abuses as Topház, according to Politics Can Be Different (LMP), reports 444.hu.

LMP turned to the Ministry of Human Resources with a data request after the NGO Mental Disability Advocacy Centre (MDAC) revealed in May that the Topház Special Home in Göd housed children and adults who had been tortured and abused, including being tied to beds and restrained with makeshift straitjackets.

Based on information revealed by the request, the Ministry of Human Resources had known about the dire conditions in the facility for at least six months before the MDAC report, but failed to act.

According to LMP, there are some 91 facilities in Hungary housing disabled patients and that struggle with staff and equipment shortages, or both. Moreover, the Ministry of Human Resources operates these facilities with a temporary operating license, thus their operation does not meet legal requirements.

LMP urged the ministry to continue the deinstitutionalization program, which would move inhabitants of the current mass institutions into smaller, more humane homes. According to LMP, the ministry has managed to relocate only 700 inhabitants out of 23,000 since 2011.