LMP’s Ákos Hadházy to file criminal complaint against Orbán

October 11, 2017

LMP’s Ákos Hadházy to file criminal complaint against Orbán
Photo: MTI/Zoltán Máthé

Yesterday, we reported on an interesting exchange between LMP parliamentarian Ákos Hadházy (pictured) and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán during a debate in parliament. The debate revolved around a suspicious medical public procurement. Orbán accused Hadházy of corruption, and now Hadházy is filing a criminal complaint against Orbán.

Hadházy claimed the National Healthcare Services Center (ÁEEK) tailored the public procurement for one particular company. Another applicant, GE, had submitted a tender for USD 2.65 million less than the winner. GE challenged the procedure. An arbitration committee found the public procurement to be one-sided and fined the ÁEEK USD 190,000. An undersecretary later denied that the procurement was rigged.

Hadházy claimed he obtained documents that show the ÁEEK did not accept the Public Procurement Arbitration Committee’s decision and that it hired a law firm to appeal the decision. In other words, Hadházy noted, “the state is suing the state so that it can overpay for equipment.”

Orbán responded to Hadházy by claiming that his actions are unprecedented and accusing him of lobbying on behalf of GE during an ongoing procedure.

“I have never seen a bigger corruption scandal than this,” Orbán said with a straight face, before announcing that he would order an inquiry into the matter.

Later that day, Független Hírügynökség contacted Hadházy to find out how he plans to respond to Orbán’s ordering an inquiry into Hadházy.

“I have no choice but to file a criminal complaint against the prime minister. He has no right to baselessly accuse anyone of corruption, and that is exactly what he did to me,” Hadházy said.