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LMP’s Congrád county chapter gets the boot after dispute with national party

LMP’s (Politics Can Be Different) Csongrád county chapter executive board is now out of the party for disagreeing with one point of LMP’s 24-point plan to manage the European refugee crisis, reports Hungarian news site hvg.hu. The decision to axe the Csongrád leaders was made following a lengthy disciplinary procedure that just drew to an end.

The disagreement stems from a 2015 incident in which LMP’s Csongrád county chapter released a statement that contained information not in accordance with one of the 24 points in the national party’s plan to deal with the refugee crisis.

The chapter disagreed with the national party’s point that would have required refugees to wear GPS-tracking wrist bracelets. According to the Szeged LMP members, such a requirement would have been discriminatory and against the spirit of the party.

The national party interpreted the move by the rural chapter to be an act of “rebellion”. According to the national party, the time and place to voice concerns was before publication of the 24-point plan.

In September, the national party suspended party membership of the rebellious members and launched a disciplinary procedure against them. The party members were recently informed that they have been kicked out of LMP. Eight other members of the Csongrád county chapter announced they would leave the opposition party in protest.

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