Lőrinc Mészáros brings his Midas touch to school construction

April 27, 2016


A consortium comprised of Fejér-B.Á.L. Zrt., a company owned by Lőrinc Mészáros, and West Hungária Bau Kft. has been awarded an HUF 2.95 billion tender to build a school in the town of Izsák, Hungary.

The 24-classroom elementary school construction tender was awarded by the National Sport Center. According to Hungary’s public procurement newsletter (Közbeszerzési Értesítő), four other bids were received. The most favorable of the offers was apparently submitted by the Mészáros-led consortium.

According to Napi.hu, despite the winner being announced just now, the decision to award the tender to the Mészáros consortium was made on March 9.

The Izsák elementary school construction project will be financed by state funds through the National Public Education Infrastructure Development Program.

The winning consortium, individually or together, is no stranger to being awarded high-price public procurement tenders.

Some of their earlier projects include:

  • The main building of the new National Public Service University;
  • The newly-renovated Castle Bazaar;
  • MTK’s new soccer stadium;
  • The new Dunakeszi school and sports center;
  • The renovation and further development of the Kerepesi Blvd. National Horse Track; and,
  • The enormous construction project at Győr’s István Széchenyi University.