Lőrinc Mészáros: I’m not running for mayor in 2019

September 26, 2017

Mészáros acquires biggest touristic company at Lake Balaton
Photo: 444.hu/Tamás Botos

Felcsút mayor and oligarch Lőrinc Mészáros does not plan to run for mayor in the 2019 municipal elections, reports HírTV.

“I’m not planning to re-run,” said Mészáros, who has been mayor of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s hometown of Felcsút since 2011. “I will carry through with this cycle. I think the settlement moved forward since I’ve been mayor and been working together with my fellow representatives.”

Indeed, the village of 1,688 in Fejér county has seen a number of extremely high-profile investments since Mészáros became mayor, including the HUF 3.8 billion (USD 14.4 million) Pancho Aréna soccer stadium (with a seating capacity of 3,816, more than twice the population of the village), or the 5.7-kilometer Vál Valley Light Railway, a miniature railway line that cost a total of HUF 857 million (USD 3.25 million) out of which some HUF 600 million (USD 2.27 million) was contributed by the European Union.

Speaking about a possible successor, Mészáros said that “there are people here younger than me, I hope that the succession will be resolved.” The gas-pipe fitter turned oligarch reassured those who may be worried about the fate of the wealthiest settlement in Hungary per capita that he would still like to “create and construct many beautiful things” there before his mandate expires in 2019.

When asked whether he will spend his days after 2019 on managing his massive business empire made up of a bankmedia outlets, sports clubs, real estate investments, energy and touristic companies, Mészáros answered wearily:

“It would be good if I wouldn’t even have to spend my days with that but, well, I have to deal with everything.”

Orbán’s childhood friend explained his decision to retire from politics by saying,

“[…] I’m a perfectionist and I always like to perfectly take care of everything. Of course, I always manage to take care of everything but I can’t always be physically present everywhere.”