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Lovas calls new US Assistant Secretary of State “Nuland on steroids”

Photo: EchoTV

Pro-government propagandist István Lovas, the darling of Hungary’s conspiracy-loving ultra-nationalist right, recently had an epiphany after reading a blog post on the Ron Paul Institute’s website, to wit: that US foreign policy towards Hungary is unlikely to change under Victoria Nuland’s successor, Dr. A. Wess Mitchell, who was appointed last week nearly 11 months after Nuland’s departure from State.

Lovas translated this blog post from the Ron Paul Institute’s website. While this would not typically be news for our audience, it shows the extent to which Hungary’s pro-government press defends the government’s pro-Russia attitudes.

The RPI piece throws some jabs at former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Nuland for allegedly torpedoing relations with Russia. But Lovas’s piece is about Nuland’s successor, who Lovás refers to as “Nuland on steroids.”

In short, Lovas translated certain parts of the article and added concluding remarks to the end: “If it does not come across from this article that we can expect the same diatribes that we have grown accustomed to hearing from Washington over the past 27 years, perhaps even with a megaphone this time around, then we fail to comprehend the point of this article.”

Lovas’s article suggests the Hungarian government is preparing public opinion for another round of criticism from the US foreign policy establishment directed at the administration of Viktor Orbán.

We last wrote about Lovas after the FINA World Swimming Championships in the summer when he called Cee-Lo Green “that fat n*gger who was singing” on Hungary’s pro-government television broadcaster Ech0TV.

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