M1 broadcasts interview with charlatan claiming Islamic hordes have taken over Stockholm

March 13, 2018

Natalie Contessa | Photo: hirado.hu

State-run news channel M1 broadcast a dramatic interview last week in which a Hungarian-Swedish dual-citizen told the news channel that she had moved back to Hungary after living in Sweden for 40 years because of the lack of protection from migrants. On Monday, index.hu revealed that the woman who complained about the bad public safety in Sweden had been convicted by that country`s authorities of seven counts of defamation, violating of the public trust, and harassment.

As part of the series of fearmongering reports that seek to convince unknowing Hungarians that the West has fallen to Islamic hordes and Hungary is the last safe haven, M1 interviewed the woman, Natalie Contessa, who reportedly returned to Hungary because she was concerned with her own safety after four decades in the Scandinavian welfare state.

Contessa portrayed a grim picture of a Stockholm where one “cannot travel on the underground during the day anymore” without being sexually molested by migrants. In one of the prestigious hospitals of the Swedish capital, where she used to work, some 80 percent of her colleagues were “migrants, Muslims,” Contessa told M1.

The Hungarian-Swedish dual-citizen told the news channel that it has become increasingly hard for Swedes to get a job because of mass migration, and that scores of nurses seek employment in neighboring Norway because they are sexually abused by migrants at Swedish hospitals.

According to Contessa Swedish citizens are not protected by the police: “Police officers also rather quit their jobs because they are not protected either.” Children being robbed by migrants in broad daylight and teachers being threatened with knives are everyday occurrences in the Nordic apocalypse she portrays. Contessa also claimed that incidents caused by migrants are censored both in the local and the international media.

However, it is the woman herself who poses a threat to the public safety of Swedes, according to index.hu. Official documents retrieved by the Hungarian news site show that since 2015 she has committed several crimes against Swedish citizens including:

  • posing as an official person,
  • posing as a psychiatrist,
  • deliberately spilling hot coffee on one of her neighbors,
  • sending defamatory text messages about one of her neighbors, in which she alleged that the neighbor was a prostitute and a psychopath.

Even though M1 introduced Contessa as someone who had been living in Stockholm and the woman also hinted several times throughout the interview that she had been a native of the Swedish capital, in the official documents acquired by index.hu there is no indication that she had ever lived in Stockholm. According to the documents, at the time of the incidents Contessa lived with her mother in the southern Swedish summer resort of Båstad.

According to police documents, Contessa was ordered to pay USD 2,800 worth of Swedish kronas in compensation to her victims.





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