Man arrested for forcing slaves to grow cannabis

July 21, 2015


A 60-year-old male has been charged by Sátoraljaújhely district prosecutors for allegedly forcing people to grow marijuana on his property in exchange for food and shelter.

One victim, a homeless man, was allegedly subject to physical assault and death threats, and was forbidden to leave the property. The victim endured the ordeal for over a year and now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, reports Hungarian state media. Others forced to work on the property reportedly lived in fear of their captor and carried out his orders without objection.

The victims were forced to look after the 172 cannabis plants growing on the property. State-run media reports the victims had no idea what kind of plants they were growing.

A police investigation of the property found several laser-sighted firearms with silencers and a large amount of ammunition. The owner of the property was taken into custody and a judge ordered his pre-trial detention.

The suspect is being charged with cultivating illegal drugs, forced labor, and possession of firearms and ammunition.

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