Managing editors replaced within a month of their publications being acquired by Andy Vajna

October 18, 2017

Andy Vajna's Rádio 1 acquires broadcasting frequencies all over the country
Photo:ános Bődey

Barely a month after being acquired by film commissioner, casino magnate and now-media kingpin Andy Vajna (pictured), the tabloid Bors and county newspaper Délmagyarország have replaced their managing editors, reports

Bors managing editor Tamás Szekeres will be replaced by Vince Kovács, who previously worked in the Aktuális section of the paper, and his deputy managing editor will be László Kövess. The head of the Aktuális section Endre Sal will also be replaced, with other shake-ups expected later today.

Szekeres confirmed his release to

His departure is based on a mutual agreement, according to the deputy director of content and business development for the publisher Lapcom Kiadó Zrt., Péter Nádori. Nádori said Szekeres had already initiated his resignation when it was announced that Bors would come under new ownership.

It was also reportedly announced at a Wednesday morning meeting of Délmagyarország that the paper’s managing editor and deputy managing editor would be forced to resign.

Vajna’s purchase of Lapcom last month brought him into the newspaper market, giving him control of county newspapers Délmagyarország and Kisalföld, as well as the tabloid Bors. The combined daily circulation of the three print publications exceeds 140,000, and they have a combined readership of some 650,000 people. Their online versions,, and, receive a combined 170,000 unique page visits daily.