Mária Sándor's open letter to Viktor Orbán of 14 January 2016

January 16, 2016

Dear Prime Minister:

Tisztelt Miniszterelnök Úr!

As a trained pediatric nurse, and as the “nurse in black” who has been fighting for respect for her colleagues and for correct patient care, I ask you to join our struggle.

Please bring an end to the inadequate public health that exists, the divisiveness, the corruption.  The system does not work.  Only those who love their profession are keeping it alive.

You can protect it.  You can protect Hungarian people!

Please protect the Hungarian patients, keep the Hungarian nurses and doctors at home, because the patients need them.   Those working in the system cannot work more, although it is possible that you have been made to believe this by certain parties interested in this.

Young female colleagues, colleagues are leaving the country to earn wages seven or eight times higher, but for 50 percent more base pay and the “life path model” before them, they would stay.

You as the prime minister of Hungary can do something of substance about this.

Mária Sándor and partners can travel throughout the country and close bridges in order to call your attention to the fact that things cannot get worse for Hungarian patients; we can call on Hungarians to join and stand up for correct, honest patient care if this falls on deaf ears.

Perhaps we were also be deaf if we received enough wages to not have to take second and third jobs.  If we could partake of some of the ever increasing material conditions of private health care.  But Hungarian nurses are not paid enough to be able to allow ourselves or our families that.  Just as most people living from wages and salaries cannot.  They are the ones who are not willing to engage in corrupt practices and who protect their honor by working beyond endurance.  They are the ones who do an incredible amount for the country.  I thank and we thank them!

But let this be the year of the person!  The “little person”.  Those who are the country’s motors, who give their lives for the Hungarian people.  Who serve every day in the strictest sense of the word.  The nurses, the doctors, the teachers, the social workers.  The Autonomous Regional Trade Union, the Hungary for Hungarian Health Care Civil Association and the Teachers Democratic Trade Union have formed an action alliance, to which anyone may join who wants real change in the field of human services.

As you are neither a doctor, a nurse, nor a teacher, we await you to join our movement as a civilian. But the Prime Minister of Hungary has an obligation to do something for Hungarian people, which is why we would like for you to lead our struggle.  Struggle for the “small people” who are building Hungary!  Who build the future of our children and who care for the needy!

Until then we will cross the country.  If necessary, we will engage in public work schemes, or close more bridges, in order to call attention to the need for correct, honest health care.

Awaiting your kind response, and wishing you good health:

Mária Sándor and company