Hungarian activist Márton Gulyás goes after Hungary’s chief prosecutor

May 16, 2016

Márton Gulyás, a civil and political activist and host of the internet show slejm – a torkon ragadt politika (Slime–politics sticks in your throat), showed up at the chief prosecutor’s building Sunday and promptly wrapped the entire building in police tape with a small crowd of fellow demonstrators in tow (see video).

According to Gulyás, chief prosecutor Péter Polt has done absolutely nothing to get to the bottom of Fidesz corruption cases.

“We want to see Péter Polt behind bars — there’s no question about it,” Gulyás said at the event. “But the criminality of his deeds needs to be established after a clean and fair trial so that all future generations get the message. We are not violent, but we will not compromise our demands and we will not allow Fidesz to prevent us from seeing what they are doing with Hungary as being criminal.”

Gulyás went on to accuse Polt’s reluctance to investigate crimes committed by the ruling party as a sign that he himself is one of the biggest offenders in the country.

“We need a new chief prosecutor, a chief prosecutor that will prosecute everyone ranging from [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán and highest up in politics down to the corrupt municipal council representatives,” Gulyás said. “This is what we need in Hungary to clean up public life.”