Márton Kárpáti: This is the kind of country we live in

April 10, 2018

Translation of Márton Kárpáti’s op-ed piece appearing in index.hu entitled ‘This is the kind of country we live in.”

The majority of voters are not bothered by (Orbán strawman-tran.) Lőrinc Mészáros, (KDNP chairman-tran.) Zsolt Semjén, (Fidesz politician-tran.) Szilárd Németh, (informal advisor to the prime minister cum Fidesz media mogul-tran.) Árpád Habony or (central bank governor-tran.) György Matolcsy.

Half of the country is not bothered by the fact that billions are squandered on corruption and friends, or that many ministers and leaders (or their relatives) cannot properly account for their assets or miscellaneous businesses.

Much of the country is not interest in facts. For much of the country the message based on totally false premises is enough that we hate and stop everybody whose skin is of a different color, and who anyway have no intention of living in Hungary.

The vast majority of the country is not bothered by the fact that one must wait for hours at hospital in order to tell somebody that the basic essentials (soap, toilet paper, medicine, functioning lift) are missing.

Nor is it a problem that in most public schools the children do not receive knowledge necessary for their future prosperity. They don’t give a shit that the prime minister has filled the country with stadiums. Nor is it a problem that much of the media was put in the service of the government.

The majority of voters believe a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

The voters are totally okay that there is a minister who could be led on by a rogue, and who, despite the obvious scandal, wanted to extract hundreds of millions for his mother.

The voters like the fact that the government is friendly with Putin while turning the people against the EU.

It turned out yesterday that this is the kind of country we live in.