Máté Kocsis posts homophobic slur on Facebook

July 11, 2016


A homophobic comment posted byBudapest District 8 mayor Máté Kocsis has made national news.  Accused last year by liberal politician Klára Ungár of being a closet homosexual, the Fidesz director of communications (who is married) sued for defamation, only for the court to rule that calling a politician a closet homosexual cannot be considered defamation.

Uncle Klára

In a public post on his Facebook account on Friday that was removed a few hours later, Kocsis claimed Ungár’s lawyer was a homosexual and referred to his client as “Uncle Klára”. According to screenshots made by several Hungarian news websites, the post read:

“Klároly (sic!) Ungár’s lawyer, Márton Nehéz-Posony (himself also being a homosexual) rejoiced us with the following message: I should pay the HUF 150 000 (USD 538) awarded to her in the faggot case straight away, otherwise he will speak to the press. I see he is perfect in practicing the stupid liberal habit of threatening with the press, but he can rest assured, one does not pay the cost of legal proceedings because of the press but because he was ordered to do so by court. This we will do. (By the way, we saw the photo of Uncle Klára taken at Budapest Pride, the celebration of homophobia. She was all covered in soap, but unfortunately there was no water around.)”

The post was removed within an hour. In another post, Kocsis admitted his post was deleted after being reported to Facebook.

“The local governors of Facebook deleted our post, although we only spoke the truth and it would have been a good debate. Looks like opinion terrorists do not like such a thing, and reported it,” he said.

Paid up

Ungár’s lawyer, Márton Nehéz-Posony, told Hungarian news website hvg.hu that Kocsis finally paid the money on Friday. The lawyer did not wish to comment on the mayor calling him a homosexual.

“I maintain my opinion that false allegations concerning one’s sexual preferences do not influence how that person is judged by society,” he added.

Máté Kocsis is keen on expressing his xenophobic and homophobic views on Facebook. Last summer he expressed his dissatisfaction at the asylum seekers occupying the district’s János Pál II square, which backfired spectacularly.

In 2014, Kocsis proposed minors aged 12 to 18, elected officials and journalists be forced to undergo mandatory drug testing. That proposal was dropped by his own party.