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Máté Kocsis: We will never turn our backs!

English translation of speech delivered by Budapest District 8 mayor (Fidesz) Máté Kocsis during official commemorations of the founding of the state of Hungary.

Dear residents of Józsefváros!

August 20th is our celebration.  It is about us and we Hungarians and our homeland.  About the Hungarian nature (“magyarság”) and the homeland that many have attacked over the past one thousand years.   Many have tried in many different ways to destroy Hungary.  Turks, Tatars, various dictatorial powers, and domestic political powers that hold international interests more important than those of their homeland.   Over the centuries Hungary was forcibly tugged.   But over and over again Hungary was always capable of showing solidarity in the face of adversity, and to protect the Hungarian nation.

Such solidarity is even required today, because history often repeats itself.  These days Hungary and Europe are confronted with an entirely new challenge—a modern day migration of people.  And once again Hungary is the frontier.  And once again responsibility passes to this small but strong country to forestall the danger and to protect all of Europe, just as it has done so many times over the course of our history, as in the case of the Turks or the Tatars.

When we speak of such an enormous challenge and solution, we mustn’t lose sight of the teachings of king Saint Stephen, according to which we must always endeavor for peace for which we need to search for allies.   At the same time if an external threat threatens the country, we must defend against it.

Already at the time of the founding the country, they recognized the existential importance of distinguishing foreigners that pose a threat from those that come to enrich the culture of our country, and which accept our traditions, our laws, and our culture.

Hungary has always been proud of the fact that it is made up of diverse peoples.  But the founder also knew that a country that does not protect itself, its culture, and its traditions from foreigners will cease to exist.

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

As at the time of its founding, Hungary today accepts and respects other peoples’ cultures.   It is proud to see foreigners with good intentions arriving here.  We expect them to safeguard our well being, not to incite fear in those who live here, and not to violate the laws or our country.   If this does not happen, we will not surrender ourselves, just as our founder and his successors did not surrender.

Just as king Saint Stephen bestowed his legacy upon us, we want to preserve Hungary for the Hungarians, and Europe for the Europeans. We insist on our thousand year old culture, our traditions, our beliefs, on our fragile security, and in our well-being.   This is what the legacy of Saint Stephen means to me.  We will never turn our backs!

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