Medián: 16 percent would vote for LMP-Momentum-Együtt-PM list

July 9, 2017

16 percent of the population would vote for an LMP-Momentum-Együtt-PM joint list according to a recent survey by pollster Medián, reports

Medián conducted a survey about the electoral chances of an alliance proposed by Együtt (Together) chairman Péter Juhász in March. The hypothetical alliance that he called “New Pole” would consist of green party Politics Can Be Different (LMP), the social-liberal Együtt, the green-liberal Dialogue for Hungary (PM) and the recently formed Momentum Movement.

According to the survey, 16 percent of the total population would vote for such an alliance, more than the current cumulative support of the four parties. Based on the survey not only the micro parties’ supporters would find the alliance acceptable – 46 percent of Socialists (MSZP), 32 percent of Democratic Coalition (DK) voters and even eight percent of Jobbik sympathizers would vote for such an alliance.

Although numerous possible scenarios have emerged in recent months about coordination among opposition parties in the general election next year, voter acceptance of these alliances has been unknown so far mostly because the parties themselves have been unable to determine a coherent strategy going into election season.

Medián executive director Endre Hann urged caution in interpreting the survey’s findings since it was only a “thought experiment” and not a direct election survey, when the interviewees have to choose between different parties and alliances.

“A preferable interpretation of the data is that 16 percent of the total population would not rule out voting for this list, so in a given condition, this many people would be willing to vote for the list. However, this does not mean that right now they would surely vote for this list,” summarized Hann.

Despite the favorable results, the forming of such an alliance is unlikely as both LMP and Momentum have ruled out cooperation with other parties in the general election next year.