Medián: Fidesz is doing worse in wake of brokerage scandals

April 23, 2015

FideszThe decline in the Fidesz government’s popularity is linked to the brokerage scandals. According to a poll by Medián, the ruling party’s popularity continues to decline as more brokerage houses fold.

Despite Fidesz’s best efforts, more and more people are holding the cabinet responsible because “the brokerages for years have been operating in a manner that has resulted in investors losing their money”. More people feel the problems can be attributed to the actions of the Fidesz government as opposed to those of the previous Socialist governments, according to this week’s edition of HVG.

Overall, almost two-thirds of those polled (62 pecent) feel that both sides of Hungary’s political spectrum share responsibility for the scandals. According to the poll, the number of those who feel that the collapsed brokerage houses had close ties with Fidesz is seven times higher than those who feel the companies had close ties with the current opposition.

Regarding the effects of the scandals, those polled said it is likely that more brokerages will enter bankruptcy and Fidesz’s popularity will continue to fall.

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Medián: Tovább eshet a Fidesz népszerűsége a brókerbotrányok miatt,; 23 April 2015.