Mediaworks assigns ten Népszabadság employees to other publications

October 21, 2016

30078969022_8e76ff1427_bNépszabi Szerkesztőség, a Facebook group set up by the suspended Népszabadság staff writers, says Mediaworks Hungary Zrt. has instructed some employees whose employment at the paper was suspended two weeks ago to return to work.

According to online daily, the employees are typesetters and graphic artists, not journalists.

“Of the around 80 Népszabadság colleagues, 10 received an e-mail notifying them that Mediaworks Hungary Zrt. will undo the suspension of their employment….These colleagues must show up to work at the Bécsi Street headquarters on Monday. They were promised that they would receive entry cards and would have access to work e-mail accounts restored. This is not connected to work related to Népszabadság. These colleagues will go to work for other publications [owned by Mediaworks Hungary Zrt.],” write the suspended employees.

For now, the fate of the remaining 70 or so Népszabadság employees remains undecided.  Prevented by the terms of their employment from writing for rival publications, the editorial staff of Hungary’s suspended main opposition paper recently contributed numerous articles to an expanded edition of the Hungarian equivalent of “Street News.”