Meet security “expert” György Nógrádi

October 21, 2015


György Nógrádi, a self-proclaimed security expert, has made so many media appearances of late that anyone watching state and pro-government media would be convinced Europe is at imminent risk of being overrun by millions of Muslim terrorists. The majority of Hungary’s media outlets have taken this harbinger of doom at face value.  Recently, however, and made an effort to get to know the man behind the face.  And what they found was shocking.

The “security expert” has never published a single paper or article on the subject on which he claims to be an expert.  Furthermore, it appears Nógrádi lied about being a deputy rector of a university in Austria and a faculty member of the Swedish Defence University.

A non-credentialed fear-monger

Nógrádi, who is known for his apocalyptic security forecasts, has been one of the most vocal anti-refugee security “experts” to appear on Hungarian media over the past three months. His grim bullet-point predictions have led credence to government claims that Middle-East asylum seekers pose a threat and a danger to Hungary and Europe alike.

With notable media appearances dating back to the 1990s, Nógrádi has managed to cultivate an image of himself as an academic and internationally-recognized security expert.  Turns out, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Hungarian news site recently published an article by András Dezső that explores the life and career of security “expert” György Nógrádi.  Contacting internationally-recognized security experts to find out what they think of Nógrádi’s work, the journalist reports “they weren’t too enthusiastic”.

“They said that because Nógrádi isn’t involved in any scholarly activities, there’s nothing for them to have an opinion about”.

According to Dezső, there are ways to measure the number of times a scholarly work is cited. The higher the indicator, the better known the scholar is in Hungary and abroad.

“This number is precisely zero for Nógrádi,” writes Dezső.

When Dezső asked Nógrádi about this, the “expert” said he’s more of a talker than a writer. Publishing isn’t his thing, he likes being on TV, radio and in newspapers.

A phony and a fake

Dezső also looked up Nógrádi’s CV (which is available on Corvinus University’s website) and discovered the expert claims to be a member of the presidium at the Swedish Defence University. Surely, the university would be able to offer some opinion on Nógrádi’s work. After all, he is a member of the university’s presidium.

Wrong. It turns out that not only is Nógrádi NOT a member of the university’s presidium, the university has absolutely no idea who he is.

When asked about the discrepancy in his CV, Nógrádi denied any such reference being in his CV, attributing the mistake to a “misspelling”.

Nógrádi’s profile on a Hungarian accreditation website, a profile he signed off on as recently as September 30th this year, says he is also the deputy rector of a university in Austria. When Dezső attempted to contact the university, he discovered that no such university exists.

In addition to these startling discoveries, Dezső reveals Nógrádi’s cozy relationship with various state-owned enterprises and even Budapest mayor István Tarlós.

It remains to be seen whether these revelations will dampen the enthusiasm of state or pro-government media to host the self-proclaimed security expert.