Mesterhazy presents opposition alliance platform

March 9, 2014


Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) Chairman and opposition alliance candidates for prime minister Attila Mesterhazy posted the following eight promises on behalf of the “government-changing alliance” on his Facebook page after presenting them to a public forum held in the western Hungarian city of Szombathely.

1.  We will create 1,250,000 new, real work places.  We will give the youth guaranteed work or training.

2.  We will increase the net minimal wage one and a half times to 100,000 Ft in such a manner, that the cost of wages to employers does not increase.

3. “Micro” companies will be able to deduct employer contributions from their corporate taxes.

4.  We will significantly decrease the price of basic foodstuffs

5. The decrease in household utility costs will be fair and sustainable.

6.  Anyone 65 or over receiving a state pension of up to 100,000 will receive an additional 24,000 forint in order to pay for his medications

7.  We will radically decrease and later eliminate the unbearably long waiting lists (for operations).

8.  We will eliminate child hunger in Hungary.

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