Mészáros acquires biggest touristic company at Lake Balaton

September 18, 2017

Mészáros acquires biggest touristic company at Lake Balaton
Photo: 444.hu/Tamás Botos

The Economic Competition Office has green-lighted Lőrinc Mészáros’s acquisition of the biggest touristic company around Lake Balaton, reports mfor.hu.

BLT Group Zrt., partially owned by the Felcsút mayor’s Konzum Nyrt., acquired Balatontourist in April. However, the deal required the approval of the Economic Competition Office.  Towards this end the company argued that the merger with the touristic company that owns the majority of lakeside campsites around Lake Balaton and had a HUF 1.7 billion (USD 6.56 million) turnover last year “does not significantly alter competition on the affected market”.

The online daily notes that this was not Mészáros’s first foray into tourism, as Konzum Nyrt. had already acquired Hunguest, the 14-property hotel chain of the once Socialist-tied Tamás Leisztinger in December 2016.

Mészáros’s meteoric rise from rags to riches since 2010 has made him the fifth-richest person in Hungary. His business empire is vast, spanning publishing, agriculture, all kinds of construction, railroad development, banking, campsites, hotels and most recently energy.