Migration Aid demands better treatment for asylum seekers

September 4, 2015


Migration Aid spokesperson Zsuzsanna Zsohár organized a second demonstration Thursday night to protest the Hungarian government’s treatment of asylum seekers and proposed legislation that would proscribe criminal penalties for those who cross Hungary’s borders unlawfully.

Thursday’s protest served as a follow-up to the protest held Wednesday which brought out more than two thousand people.

Protesters met near Budapest’s Nyugati (Western) train station Thursday night and marched down Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street onto Alkotmány Street, then straight to the steps of the Hungarian Parliament.  Over one thousand demonstrators participated.  Many carried signs reading “Not in my name” referring to the hard line taken by the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with regard to growing numbers of asylum seekers entering the country.

Upon arriving at Kossuth Square in front of the Hungarian Parliament, Zsohár greeted attendees and thanked them for coming out on such short notice. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the treatment of asylum seekers and called on protesters to thank the many volunteers and donors who have given so much to assist the refugees stranded in Hungary.

Zsohár invited nurse-turned-civil activist Mária Sándor on stage who then called on protesters to show similar solidarity with Hungary’s health care workers.