Miklós Vaszily carries on at MTVA

April 9, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 8.44.05 PMThe former CEO of Origio whose sacking of editor-in-chief Gergő Sáling triggered an exodus of that news portal’s writers and editors, is now the deputy CEO of MTVA, the state owned television company.

According to MTVA, Vaszily is expected to make “MTVA’s financial, administrational and operational activity more effective, flexible and faster and also to improve the transparency of the management” (whatever the heck that means.-ed.).  Vaszily left Origo in November, 2014 soon after managing editor Gergő Sáling was sacked. By all accounts Sáling’s dismissal was politically motivated.

Vaszily previously served as the CEO of Index.hu as well, where he left for Origo in 2010. After his dismissal in November he became the CEO of brands.hu.

Many members of the editorial staff of our sister publication abcug.hu, including managing editor Sára Tóth, previously worked at Origo.hu. All of them left Origo after Sáling’s dismissal.