Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ company annuls contract with Nógrádi

June 2, 2017

The Hungarian National Trading House Ltd. (MNKH), operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has annulled its indefinite contract with the government’s favorite security policy expert György Nógrádi (pictured), reports

The reasons for breaking with Nógrádi, who was employed as a consultant for HUF 500,000 a month, remain unclear.

Nógrádi, a self-proclaimed security policy expert who has a rich history of spinning wild conspiracy theories and publicizing his visions of Europe falling to millions of Muslim terrorists, managed to outshine himself in April, when he stated in a forum that “the American Embassy summoned one of the highest-ranking members of Fidesz to take on the job of the Prime Minister. This person immediately contacted the Prime Minister and told him the whole story.”

The absurd statement was refuted by both the U.S. Embassy and the Hungarian government.

“Although foreign attempts to influence Hungary are constant, what Nógrádi stated simply did not happen,” commented Fidesz MP and undersecretary for government communication Bence Tuzson.

A representative of the U.S. Embassy labelled Nógrádi’s statement “pure fiction” in an interview with RTL Klub.

In 2015 revealed that the university where Nógrádi claimed to be a deputy rector simply does not exist.

Nógrádi – along with Georg Spöttle – has been the government’s chosen expert on immigration, terrorism and Islam since 2015, when the government’s anti-immigration rhetoric began to intensify. Since then, he has been a regular guest in the pro-government media.