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Ministry of Agriculture paid HUF 8 million for plagiarized study on sheep-breeding

The Ministry of Agriculture paid HUF 8 million (USD 29,000) for a 48-page study on sheep breeding, 20 pages of which were plagiarized from a free online textbook without attribution, reports Hungarian news site Borsonline.hu.

The ministry, led by Minister Sándor Fazekas, was forced to hand over this and four other studies after receiving an inquiry from Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) MP Attila Mesterházy.

Mesterházy’s interest was piqued by an earlier report, also appearing in Borsonline.hu, that various supporting institutions reporting to the ministry had been paid HUF 40 million (USD 150,000) from a company belonging to László Horváth, an old friend of Fazekas.

László Horváth and Sándor Fazekas at a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The ministry paid Horváth’s company, Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdasági Zrt., HUF 8 million for a study related to sheep-breeding. The study plagiarized 20 pages of a textbook published in 2010 written by Imre Mucsi, which also happens to be available for free online.

Horváth also serves as Kazakhstan’s honorary consul in Hungary.

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