Momentum commissions poll to measure strongest opposition candidate in downtown Budapest

March 27, 2018

Momentum commissions poll to measure strongest opposition candidate in downtown Budapest
Photo: Facebook/@feketegyorandras.momentum

To put an end to the opposition’s stalemate in Budapest’s 1st electoral district, Momentum Movement has commissioned a poll from pollster Median to find out which non-Jobbik opposition candidate has the best chance of beating István Hollik, the Fidesz-KDNP candidate.

According to a February poll commissioned by Country For All Movement, candidates representing the four main opposition parties have each been polling at anywhere between 7 and 14 percent in the electoral district. Prior to Saturday’s announcement by Együtt chairman Péter Juhász that he was withdrawing, none of the opposition candidates showed a willingness to follow suit and the chances of Hollik winning the constituency increased by the day.

Long considered the strongest candidate, Juhász pulled out of the race to set an example for the other opposition candidates to follow, save one.

After Juhász’s withdrawal, Momentum president András Fekete-Győr (pictured) met Hungarian Socialist Party-Dialogue (MSZP-P) candidate Márta V. Naszályi and Politics Can Be Different (LMP) candidate Antal Csárdi to discuss how to proceed. According to a video uploaded to Fekete-Győr’s official Facebook page on Monday, the three politicians agreed that all three of them are “loveable, authentic and good candidates” in that district.

According to Fekete-Győr, at that meeting he proposed to jointly commission a poll to help decide which one of them should challenge Hollik. Fekete-Győr states that all three supported the idea. However, V. Naszályi and Csárdi now claim there is not enough time before the April 8 general election to conduct a representative poll.

At the end of the video, Fekete-Győr is seen showing two documents that are reportedly two bids by Medián. Holding the first paper, the Momentum president claims that “this is a very reasonable bid, they could conduct this poll for us. Unfortunately, this option is no longer valid”, then he crumples the paper and throws it away.

“There’s always a plan B, and I too have one,” Fekete-Győr continues and claims that he would personally commission Medián to conduct a poll for next Wednesday. He vows to endorse the strongest candidate according to the poll, then theatrically signs the contract:

“The contract has been concluded. Let’s see you next Wednesday.”

Even if Medián manages to deliver the poll results by next Wednesday, it is questionable whether the other two candidates would accept them.