Momentum donor says party disappoints him, will reportedly stop giving them money

October 9, 2017

Momentum donor says party disappoints him
Photo: Flickr/Esther Dyson

Businessman Gábor Bojár, physicist and founder of Graphisoft, says Momentum disappoints him.

“It is a great disappointment to see that Momentum refuses any kind of cooperation [with other democratic opposition parties]. For me, this means they have given up on achieving a change in government in 2018. They feel their party’s perceived long-term goals are more important than the country’s historical interests,” Bojár told 168 Óra in an interview published last week.

Bojár has not been shy about supporting opposition parties that share his values. He has been open about his support for both Movement for a Modern Hungary (MoMa, led by party chairman Lajos Bokros) and Együtt (Together, led by chairman Péter Juhász).

“My heart beats for all parties whose priority is to defeat this current system and whose values stand close to my own,” Bojár told Olga Kálmán on HírTV’s Egyenesen in early September. “I would be most satisfied if these parties could find a way to work together.”

According to, Bojár will no longer donate to Momentum.

Despite carrying out its hugely successful NOlympia campaign this year, Momentum has – like many other opposition parties – teetered on the edge of obscurity. Several polls conducted in September measuring the support for parties among all Hungarian adults (not to be confused with guaranteed voters) show Momentum hovering around 2 percent (Republikon, Nézőpont, Publicus, Medián, Závecz Research).

With six months to go before the national election, Momentum has not yet published its party platform (it is scheduled to be released on October 15).