Momentum Movement officially becomes a party

May 26, 2017

Public records indicate that the Momentum Movement was officially registered as a political party by a court on May 19. According to, the new party’s president is András Fekete-Győr, the vice-president is Tamás Soproni, and the party director is András Pencz.

Momentum, which gained quick popularity on the heels of its wildly successful “Nolimpia” referendum campaign, announced in February that it intended to form a party and run candidates in the April 2018 general election. While it collaborated with other opposition parties in gathering signatures for the referendum on Hungary’s 2024 Olympic bid, Momentum has declared that it does not intend to form a political coalition with any other parties, and that it may run its own list of candidates in the upcoming election.

The organization held its first major public rally on May 1, drawing thousands in a march from Freedom Square to Heroes’ Square in Budapest. Observers noted that no other single opposition party had been able to mobilize such public support in a demonstration in recent years.

But speakers at the rally, most notably Fekete-Győr, failed to outline concrete policy positions, and the fledgling party has thus far capitalized primarily on a general anti-Fidesz sentiment to build its base. Party activists have been dispatched to all areas of the country to mobilize support in rural areas and small cities. reports that Pencz was fired from his job at the Fidesz-controlled Budapest District XXII after the success of the Nolimpia campaign. Pencz alleges that he was removed on political grounds, and plans to file a suit against the district for wrongful termination.

You can listen to a Budapest Beacon podcast with members of Momentum Movement here.