Momentum severs ties with LMP over Péter Ungár’s drunk and disorderly conduct

August 10, 2017

Photo: Magyar Nemzet/Dávid Balogh

Momentum Movement (MoMo) will not cooperate with Politics Can Be Different (LMP) in future after LMP board member Péter Ungár’s (pictured) alleged scandalous behavior during Momentum’s Nyitás (Opening) summer festival, reports Magyar Nemzet.

Despite previous informal cooperation between the two opposition parties, Momentum explicitly declared that it will not do so again after multiple eyewitnesses said Ungár got drunk, harassed participants and fought security guards who ejected him from the festival two weeks ago. Ungár is now banned from any subsequent Momentum events.

One eyewitness told Magyar Nemzet that “Péter Ungár, in a heavily inebriated state, entered my tent multiple times and did not leave even after multiple warnings. He stopped climbing into my tent when I warned him that I will call security guards.” Other participants said he had harassed them as well.

Ungár did not deny to the newspaper that security guards had removed him from a creek and led him out of the festival with some of his clothes missing. Otherwise he declined to disclose the details of his activities during the festival.

Multiple Momentum sources confirmed to Magyar Nemzet that the incident marks the end of any possible cooperation between their party and LMP. They said that although there had been informal coordinations, these had been more important to LMP and especially Ungár than to Momentum.

LMP members also reportedly told the paper of coordination between the two parties, and although they had not discussed technical details, there had been talk about possibly cooperating in national campaigns, as well as organizing a joint action during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s planned visit in August.

Momentum’s decision to sever any ties with LMP calls into question the possibility of democratic opposition parties forming a broad alliance in next spring’s general election.