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Momentum to run candidates in 97 out of 106 electoral districts

Photo: momentum.hu

Momentum Movement candidates for parliament managed to collect the requisite 500 signatures in 97 out of 106 electoral districts, for a total of 62,295 signatures.  At a press conference on Monday, party chairman András Fekete-Győr announced that “Momentum is the first party to run so many candidates one year after its launch.”

According to the upstart party, “With this, Momentum candidates will be present in over 90 percent of electoral districts and represent a new political generation that works for people and not for itself.”

Momentum candidates failed to collect enough signatures in Gyöngyös, Mezőkövesd, Tiszaújváros, Balassagyarmat, Sárbogárd, Esztergom, Mohács, Barcs, Mosonmagyaróvár.

The Momentum chairman alluded to the possibility of withdrawing candidates in the interest of defeating Fidesz in the April 8 general election, saying that “non-Fidesz members of the electorate have asked us to to help change the government on April 8. For this reason Momentum’s presidium has called together a congress of candidates for March 11 in order to discuss what they should do in their electoral district.”

However, Fekete-Győr was quick to add: “New blood is needed in politics. It is not possible for us to have to see the same people in parliament for 10-20 years.  There is need for youth in politics understanding of the 21st century and capable of looking to the future.”

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