Momentum vows to keep majority of their candidates in the race

April 6, 2018

Momentum says it will not pull back candidates
Photo: Facebook/Momentum Mozgalom

In a Facebook video posted Friday, Momentum called on its supporters to vote for the strongest candidate in their respective electoral districts, but the party also announced it would not pull back any more candidates in individual electoral districts.

Anna Orosz said, “We are asking you, voters who want a change in government, to support Momentum’s [party] list, but vote for the strongest candidate in the individual [electoral district].”

Orosz’s statement was immediately followed up by that of fellow presidium member Katka Cseh: “Many of you may be asking why we don’t then have our candidates step back. That’s because we are the only alternative for those who don’t want any more of the political class of the past years, past decades, even from the opposition side.”

According to the party’s website, Momentum has already withdrawn six candidates in the spirit of “candidate coordination.” But sources in the party led by András Fekete-Győr (pictured) told the Beacon Friday afternoon that some 83-84 candidates will stay in the race for Sunday’s general election.

Various polls commissioned by the Country for All Movement and various opposition parties, including Momentum, indicate that certain opposition candidates could defeat their Fidesz opponent were they to win the endorsement of the other democratic opposition candidates. One such electoral district is Budapest’s 6th, where Democratic Coalition’s Attila Ara-Kovács would likely defeat Máté Kocsis were Momentum’s Cseh and LMP’s Tamás Jakabfy to throw their support behind him. By keeping their names on the ballot, opposition candidates risk splitting the vote.

The reason for refusing to withdraw more candidates could very well be financial.Róbert László, an election expert with Political Capital, says a party running 83-84 candidates would qualify to receive some  HUF 459 million  (USD 1.8 million) in public campaign funds.