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Momentum’s Fekete-Győr to run against Péter Juhász in Budapest election district

Photo: abcug.hu/András D. Hajdú

On Tuesday, Momentum unveiled its list of candidates for all of Hungary’s 106 electoral districts in the 2018 national election. Among them is party chairman András Fekete-Győr (pictured), who will run in the Budapest 1 electoral district, the same district that Együtt (Together) party chairman Péter Juhász will contest.

Speaking to Magyar Nemzet, Juhász, who served on the district council of District 5 for three years, said Momentum’s decision to run against him in 2018 shows that the young party does not really want a change in government.

“I don’t think I can be classified as one of the old political elite that need to be replaced,” Juhász said.

Juhász has struggled for months to lay the groundwork for political cooperation among the so-called democratic opposition parties, excluding far-right Jobbik, going into the election. Momentum has consistently rejected his offers for coordinating on the running of candidates in the 106 electoral districts, as well as on party lists, a strategy Juhász calls the “New Pole” (Új Pólus) of parties, which includes his party Együtt, Momentum, LMP (Politics Can Be Different) and Dialogue for Hungary (PM).

Momentum co-chair Tamás Soproni said on Hir TV Tuesday that he “respects Péter Juhász’s anti-corruption work which resulted in [Fidesz representative and propaganda minister] Antal Rogán not even running in the district,” but that Fekete-Győr’s “local embeddedness” is substantially deeper than that of Juhász in the district, since the 28-year-old Fekete-Győr had lived and attended university there. (Fekete-Győr also spent several years working and studying in Paris, Berlin, Heidelberg and Brussels before returning to Hungary.)

Juhász reacted to Soproni’s statement by saying the argument “belonged in the joke category,” but said  voters would have to decide on the question next spring.



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