More anti-corruption protests scheduled for April

March 20, 2015


Over 100 demonstrations against official corruption are scheduled to take place across Hungary on April 12, according to the Facebook page of Together co-chair Péter Juhász (pictured).  However, writes that the protests may be postponed until April 19 so as to allow Dialogue for Hungary (PM) to participate in the action as well.

The demonstrations are being organized by civil organizations with the support and encouragement of local chapters of the main democratic opposition parties.  However, Politics Can Be Different (LMP) has made it clear that it does not wish to “collaborate with an utterly discredited, corrupt political elite.”

In his Facebook post Juhász criticized LMP for refusing to assist his efforts to combat corruption in Budapest’s 5th District where the activist politician has used his membership in the city council to expose the systematic sale of district-owned property at below market prices to certain individuals and companies having the right political connections.

LMP responded to Juhász’ post by agreeing that “the spread of corruption was one, if not the biggest, obstruction to the country’s development”, but pointing out that “the party was born to offer a real alternative to the utterly discredited, corruption political elite”, and for this reason is not willing to “protest on the same stage or event against corruption along with those who operated a corrupt government a few years ago.”

Juhász then accused LMP of disregarding the fact that Hungary’s opposition parties are not in a position to defeat ruling party Fidesz which, in Juhász’s opinion, has “taken the country hostage” and “enslaved its institutions.”

Movement for a Modern Hungary deputy chair Erzsébet Pusztai also criticized LMP.  In her opinion, the latter’s refusal to lend its support to Hungary’s growing anti-corruption movement amounts to tacit support of Fidesz’s corrupt ways.