More Budapest demonstrations planned for December 14th and 16th

December 12, 2014


Joint statement of the civil organizations protesting Hungarian government policies and the proposed 2015 budget of Hungary

We, organizers of Hungarian mass-protests and solidarity actions of the past two months declare that we have held our actions in protest against the enactment of the 2015 budget in its present form, and to prevent such an action, as well as against social unfairness, an issue that stands unresolved and escalating since the 1989 change of regime, against the increasing dysfunctionality of the state and systematic corruption.

We are protesting with continuous resistance as, with the gradual defunding of social services, the government puts hundreds of thousands of lives in danger. We are protesting against the legalization of segregation. We are protesting because regulations about private pension funds, forex loans and special taxes damage private property. We are protesting as there is the continuous menace of corruption still present over the state tax authority. We are protesting, because they are stealing our future by depriving funds from public education and the health care system.

Our objective is real participatory democracy, freedom of speech, transparency, equality of opportunities, social mobility and the control of the branches of power, as well as the restoration of the full freedom of the private sector and civil society. Our objective is a strong, modern, European Hungary.

We call on all people, non-partisan civil communities, advocacy organizations who are disappointed with and outraged about the government measures that are destroying the country, to join us. We are welcoming everyone at our demonstrations around the projected time of the enactment of the budget on 14th and 16th of December in Budapest, the countryside and abroad. We encourage citizens who are willing to articulate their outrage to organize further demonstrations, flashmobs, civil disobedience actions and express their discontent against the incumbent government and its system. We are doing the same.

Long live the Republic of Hungary!

1 000 biilon for fair taxation

60 thousand for our PRIVATE pensions

Creative Resistance

We Will Not Be Silent

Hundred thousand against the internet tax

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