Hungary awards $180 million worth of motorway repair contracts

January 27, 2016

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Six road construction companies have been awarded contracts totaling HUF 52 billion (USD 180 million) to repair and improve 570.3 km of motorway.

Duna Aszfalt Kft. and Hódút Kft. were awarded a total of HUF 23 billion (USD 80 million) worth of repairs either individually or as part of a consortium.  ( reports that the majority owner of Hódút Kft. formerly owned shares in Duna Aszfalt Kft.).

The contracts were awarded on the basis of a public tender announced in June 2015.   Originally, the contracts were to have been signed by the end of August and the work completed by the end of November.  However, as the results of the tender were not announced until the end of November, work is not expected to begin until April or May this year and should take three months.


The work is being funded within the framework of the EU-funded public transportation operative program and the regional operative program.