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Movement for a Modern Hungary calls on voters to boycott October 2nd referendum

Photo: Index.hu

Some 300 people attended the “Up Yours!” rally held by the Movement for a Modern Hungary (MoMa) in Budapest’s Kossuth square Sunday afternoon, reports index.hu.  The small, conservative party is calling on voters to boycott the October 2nd referendum.

Presidium member József Kajdi said the situation is clear: there is no European Union compulsory plan to settle refugees, the referendum question is a lie because the Hungarian parliament has no jurisdiction in EU decision making, the National Election Committee, the Curia and the Constitutional Court should all have rejected the question, and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is destroying the EU per the plan of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.

Kajdi said that after one and a half years of government brain-washing involving the expenditure of some HUF 15 billion (USD 55 million) of public funds on billboards, “even a Chinese rubber chicken could appear in the question”.

“Refugees are people, too”

The Migration Aid founder said only one “Did you know” question should have appeared on the billboards: “Refugees are people, too.”  He added: “Better 1294 refugees than one Orbán.”

Sándor Újhelyi said it was not Hungary’s border fence with Serbia that stopped the refugees but the EU-Turkish agreement.  If they were economic migrants coming to take the jobs of Hungarians as the government claimed last year, then why was it now claiming that they were coming to receive aid, asked Újhelyi.

He said it was natural for a lot of young men to leave in order not to have to participate in the terrible fighting that was going on.

A “murderous” campaign

Kajdi denounced the government campaign as “murderous”, and criticized Hungary’s historic churches for supporting the government’s refugee policies.

Újhelyi agreed that, due to the danger of terrorism, it was necessary to control the refugees, but “not to stigmatize every refugee”.

University student Anna Fillár said it was not Islam that threatened Hungarian culture, but the president of the parliament László Kövér and Fidesz publicist Zsolt Bayer.

PsychologistTamás Vekerdy said the government’s campaign recalled the Nazi and communist dictatorships in Germany and Hungary under Adolf Hitler and Mattyás Rákosi.  “Back then they wanted to make faceless crowds out of people ending in death camps and hundreds of thousands killed at the front,” he warned.  “Then came the stigmatization based on class war.

“Doubtless there were terrorists among the refugees. But it is also true that last year in Hungary 50 women died because of spousal abuse. Does it follow from this that Hungarian men are killing their wives?  This is stupidity.”

Photo: Index.hu

Speaking last, MoMa founder and chairman Lajos Bokros said the only appropriate solution was to boycott the referendum.

The former minister of finance pointed out that the referendum ballots do not contain serial numbers and, in theory, could be swapped retroactively if the answer favored by the government was not crossed.  He also reminded that two-thirds of the electoral committees will not contain opposition delegates, thereby raising the risk of fraud.

Bokros said many public work scheme employees and government employees felt pressured to vote on October 2nd and vote “no”.  “It is precisely this which shows that authoritarianism exists in Hungary,” he said, adding that it was the Curia and the Constitutional Court which cleared the way for the referendum.

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