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MSZP chairman József Tobiás calls on Viktor Orbán to resign

People are asking ‘where is the captain of the ship who saves the people from a sinking ship and is not the first to jump into the water with his friends.’  In the soul of the people there is a quest for justice. – Jozsef Tobias, Chairman, Hungarian Socialist Party

MSZP Chairman József Tobiás told ATV that the opposition parties agreed that the bill submitted by Antal Rogan does not help the “100,000 people desperate for information as to how to get back the money that was their savings.”

In his opinion, “the abuse of power, the abandonment of the people, makes the Prime Minister unworthy to continue his work, and he needs to resign.”

Tobias announced that the democratic opposiiton parties had met and agreed to coordinate their actions with regard to the broker scandal and that a “common demonstration” is has been scheduled for April 11th

“It became clear that if society doesn’t put pressure on the government, then instead of helping the people, the government only continues the politics of protecting selfish interests with its incomprehensible pronouncements” says the leader of the Hungarian Socialist Party.

Tobiás claims Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has lost his right to “claim to protect the interests of small ordinary people he himself has insulted, people who struggle, want to live, and saved.”

“And if you have taken an oath to serve the people, then the first thing is to stop, seized assets, and compensate,” says Tobiás, adding that “György Matolcy hasn’t been able to look people in the eye for a month, and say ‘I’m sorry. We made the mistake.  We will compensate you.'”  He says the state should compensate the victims before determining who is responsible.  “Why must people wait for criminal cases?” asks Tobiás.

On the subject of Quaestor, Tobiás said “this was a pyramid scheme” and that the “ministry would have had better luck at a casino.”

“We need to know everything.  Every investigation must be undertaken.  If it happened on a market basis then there was a commission.  Who was the broker?  Who was the client?” asks the MSZP chairman.



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