Wife of Socialist MP also named in Panama Papers leak

April 5, 2016


The Panama Papers leak is turning out to be the story that keeps on giving. Yesterday, we reported that András Pethő of investigative journalism NGO Direkt36 was involved in researching the Hungarian angle of the leak. Pethő’s first story on the subject revolved around former four-term Fidesz member of parliament István Horváth.

According to Pethő, Horváth failed to mention his interest in two companies in his asset declarations submitted to the Hungarian parliament when he was still in office. Both companies are incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles. Now, Pethő reports that another Hungarian politician is implicated in the scandal.

It turns out that Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) politician László Boldvai may also have some explaining to do. According to Pethő, the former five-term MSZP MP’s wife, Csilla Konti, also makes use of offshore entities. Apparently, the couple lives quite well.

In addition to working as a high school teacher, Konti reportedly owns a company incorporated in Samoa with a bank account in Switzerland. Despite being squeezed out of parliament in the wake of the 2014 national elections, her husband continues to be an active participant in Hungarian politics and is president of the Nógrád county chapter of his party.

Direkt36 asked Boldvai about his wife’s offshore businesses. Initially, Boldvai denied having any knowledge of her dealings. Then, when Direkt36 got a bit more specific with their questions, Boldvai responded that she probably owns a business in Samoa if reporters have information to suggest that.

The financial situation of the couple caught the attention of journalists and other politicians on several occasions.  But even the National Assembly’s then-Parliamentary Immunity Committee chairman thought the couple’s wealth to be completely justified. Back then, however, nothing was known about Boldvai’s connection to the Samoan company or its Swiss bank account.

News of the Boldvai family’s financial dealings prompted Boldvai to announce his resignation from the party.

According to Index.hu, numerous sources in MSZP confirmed that Boldvai, who previously served as party treasurer, will still be involved in managing the party’s finances.