MTVA budget for 2017 set at HUF 80 billion

November 22, 2016


The law containing the 2017 budget for Hungary’s state media holding company (MTVA) was published on Monday, reports daily online  The budget projects revenues and expenditures of just under HUF 80 billion (USD 275 million), or roughly HUF 219 million (USD 755,000) per day.

Of this, HUF 51 billion (USD 176 million) is budgeted for material costs, HUF 14 billion (USD 48 million) for personnel costs and HUF 5 billion (USD 17 million) for investment.

The budget projects advertising revenues of HUF 8.7 billion (USD 30 million).  The balance, or roughly HUF 70 billion (USD 241 million), is to be provided by the state.  According to the Beacon’s calculations, this amounts to roughly HUF 7,400 (USD 25) per inhabitant, Hungary having a population of just under 10 million.

MTVA continues to downsize as it outsources media production and sales and marketing to companies close to the governing Fidesz party.