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Mystery state opposes anti-corruption NGO’s participation in UN conference

Photo: Facebook/K-Monitor

The United Nations Convention against Corruption is being held this week in Vienna with the participation of representatives from signatory countries as well as civil organizations that deal with corruption. K-Monitor, a prominent Hungarian civil organization that studies corruption, registered in summer to attend the convention, only to find out that their attendance had been contested by a “state party.” Informed by various parties that it was the Hungarian state that had objected, K-Monitor formally requested information from the Ministry of Interior to explain why, and who was responsible. The ministry responded as follows:

“After consulting with the Permanent Representative, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister regarding your participation in the conference, we made no objection within the specified deadline. We have no other information concerning the case or the state mentioned in your letter which opposed your participation.”

K-Monitor is reportedly attempting to negotiate with the conference organizers.


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